Sneaking in…

Life…wow! Only the 2nd week of 2018 and it is already busy.

Are you still in holiday mode? I think most people are as they slowly return to their homes and work. We kind of want to let it linger longer, don’t we?

We have to get back into our routines and out of our bad eating and sleeping habits. My sister in law has been having green smoothies to help her feel less sluggish.

But…I’m excited. I’m excited at the possibilities a new year brings.

Bet on Yourself!

This morning, Marie Forleo dropped me an email… Because we tight like that (p.s. If you also want her to email you, subscribe at marieforleo.com – you won’t be sorry!).

She said…

…Bet on your endlessly abundant ability to learn and grow and contribute your special gifts β€” because the world really does need them, Denise. ?

Thanks girl, it’s always great to be reminded of these things. We all have something unique and wonderful to share with the world.

How has your new year started out? Tell us in the comments below!

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