I like to put a little bit of “Christmas” in every part of my house. When I walk into a room and I see something, a smile travels from the tips of my toes to the corners of my mouth. I am reminded, it’s Christmas!

For a moment I am still, and quiet, and present…

It’s not just the tinsel or the lights or the decorations. It reminds me of the reason for the season. It reminds me of friends and family. It reminds me of my many blessings.

My family and I have been quite sick of late, there are a lot of bugs travelling around our valley and we were lucky for a bit and thought we missed that train.

It’s during times of sickness that we are forced to be still and ponder life. I guess afterwards one can see it as a blessing but during, not so much. It has been a blessing (just before Christmas) because as we missed events and parties that usually put us in the Christmas spirit, I have felt that spirit even more strongly sitting on my bathroom floor.

Christmas is not about what presents we give or get, it is not about parties and events, it is not about the food (sorry guys). Though those things are wonderful and beautiful and welcome. Christmas is about family and faith and connecting with those we love.

If I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with my friends and family and nothing but bread and butter, we could make Christmas happen. Even on my own, I could connect with my Father above. You see, even though I love putting a little bit of “Christmas” in every part of my house, the reason it means so much is because Christmas is in my heart. This year I hope I am able to put it in every part of it. That I can be better and do better with those that mean so much to me.

We hope you have a blessed Christmas!


Oh and my Top Tip:

Give each room a different theme when decorating for Christmas, something that goes with your decor. It’s fun for you and for your visitors!

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