Our visit to the Cape Town International Kite Festival

Recently, we attended the Cape Town International Kite Festival. This is the 23rd one of its kind and all entrance fee proceeds go towards Cape Mental Health, so it’s a great initiative.

I have a secret to admit… I actually have never been to the Kite Festival before. I am glad we went this year to experience it and I would definitely go again.

The Kites and FREE Kite workshop were pretty awesome in and of themselves but there was so much more to see. When you enter the Festival there is a whole section dedicated to fun rides for the kids (and for big people) and shortly after that there was just about every food stall you could imagine. It kind of reminded me of the lands at the top of the faraway tree. I imagined that is what kite/carnival land would look like.

Even though my daughter has allergies, she was spoilt for choice. There was a sweet guy selling corn in a cup. Talk about service! My daughter wanted butter on her corn (she can’t have margarine) and I figured he probably wouldn’t have real butter. He interrupts me, “Of course I have butter, its the only thing I use!”.

He carefully puts some corn in, followed by a spoonful of butter and repeats 3 times. He gently hands it over with a serviette and a spoon. What service! He took so much effort, makes one think about the kind of service we offer each day – doesn’t it?

Past that there were various other stalls and things to look at as well as a public flying area. There were talks and music, it was great to hear about the work Cape Mental Health is doing. A funny guy in a kite suit was walking around, he had big shoes and it was bumpy in places – I was concerned for him! Ha ha!

Have a look at our adventure in the video below. Did you go to the Kite Festival?

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