My Goals and Resolutions for 2016

I never got around to wishing you a Merry Christmas (so Merry Christmas!) because life has been very busy since we closed. It is been filled with family and friends and what a blessing that is!

I am so grateful for the past year and the many life lessons I have learned. Some easier than others.

A friend asked me an interesting question this week. If you received 10 million (shall we make it Dollars? Or maybe Pounds?) today, what would you do? The question was really, if you had all the money that you needed, what would your life’s work be? Chew on that for a bit. It’s an interesting question. It helps you discover a lot about yourself.

At the beginning of the year, I shared some goals I had made for this year. Every year I look back at these goals and review them. Sometimes I reach my goals and sometimes I fail but I never cease learning.

My first goal was Gratitude. At the beginning of this year, I must say that I was failing but in the latter part of the year I did get better. I started to tell people the things I appreciate about them. Sometimes, this is not an easy thing for me.

I had this notebook under my pillow. On one side, I had the blessings that I wanted in my life and on the other, the things I was grateful for. Once I had received the blessings, they would go on the other side and a new item would be added to that column. You WON’T believe how fast the crossover was! How often do we receive things and forget to acknowledge and be grateful for them?

The second goal, I had, was to be Successful in all that I do. I can’t say that I necessarily achieved this. I had so many goals and aspirations and I feel like I did not achieve all that I had hoped I would…However! I am then brought to my third goal.

My third goal was to be Gentle with Myself. I shared five ways in which we can do this as shared by Allie from Between Dreams. Did I feel my feelings? Yes, I did. I am very sensitive to other people’s feelings. I feel them tangibly but sometimes I forget to allow myself to feel my own. I think this year I got better at that. Did I embrace the moment? At times – yes. Did I speak with love? Yes… but I still have so much more to learn.

For 2016, I am making the following goals:

  1. Allie’s number 3 – Small Steps Turn Into Quantum Leaps. I want to achieve small goals every day to achieve my bigger goals. I want to develop my talents and grow but I want to work on this daily. How do you eat an elephant?
  2. I want to Live in the Moments and enjoy them. I don’t want to get swept up in the to-do lists but as a mom, how do we achieve this? Well, I am still working this out but it does start with:
    • being organised but allowing imperfections
    • saying “No” where necessary
    • making time to be still
    • getting (where possible) good sleep and eating healthily
    • getting rid of stress through exercise and other fun activities
    • trusting in a Higher Power, trusting that it will all work out in the end.
  3. Getting used to being Rich. Yes, in money… but also learning how to accept, live in and share abundance. How many of us don’t think we deserve abundance in whatever area of our lives we are lacking?

Those are my goals. What are your goals for 2016?

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