Family Travels: Our Trek to Johannesburg

We planned to drive to Johannesburg. When I told everyone, they were like… “Why?”, “Why don’t you fly?” and every now and then an “Are you crazy?!”. I really wanted to drive and we had never done it as a family. My husband and I did it few times as newly weds but we had never done it as a family.

I just longed for the open road and a long, drawn out time to collect my thoughts…followed by visiting religious buildings and seeing my family once again (those that live there).

Joburg-trek-sheep copy

The weekend before we left my husband was ill with very bad flu (he never gets ill!) and a couple of days before I picked up a bug…and then…I reversed into our Garden Services trailer just as we were about to leave!

It did not start out well…but it ended well. It was a difficult but pleasant journey up and when we got up there, I was still a little ill but I got some medication and was able to really enjoy our short time up there.

I feel so blessed through it all, through all the difficulties – we made it. I think that is sometimes like life. We struggle and struggle through this or that but in the end when we spend time with family and friends we remember what truly matters most.

We visited Zoo lake during the day and sat under a large Willow tree. It was some great family bonding time and we saw lots of baby ducklings waddling around.

Joburg-trek-save copy

Joburg-trek-ducks copy

I think my favourite parts were always the in-between unexpected parts! Like the instance below, tired and windswept taking a break!

Joburg-trek-break copy

Where have you travelled to recently? Tell me in the comments below!

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