It feels like there is so much to share with you. We have been out of touch for a while travelling around South Africa. Don’t we just live in a glorious country?

A little while ago, we took advantage of the free entry into Cape Point during the middle of the week. It was great fun to sneak off and visit the Natural Beauty that is sitting on our back door.

I have been a few times to Cape Point, in fact that is where hubby proposed to me (see that heart beach – that is where he proposed).

Cape-Point-Cape-Town5   Cape-Point-Cape-Town4

This is the first time I took the funicular. It was a fun experience and the kids enjoyed it. The funicular is like a little train that takes you to the top. You pay to use this service but you can also walk up the stairs to the top which is just as fun (and good exercise)!

Cape-Point-Cape-Town7  Cape-Point-Cape-Town1  Cape-Point-Cape-Town8

We even met this little guy on our way back!


Look at these gorgeous views!


We didn’t see much wildlife this time but our time was somewhat limited. It was however, worth the drive. We did see a baboon troop with little, little babies on our way out.

What do you have hidden nearby? Where have you visited lately? Tell me more in the comments below.

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