More Abundance?

What works for Mrs Jones – your neighbour – won’t necessarily work for you. How we organise our space is such an individual thing. We need to decide what works for us and not what looks good. Sometimes we need to throw everything out and start from scratch when things are not working for us AND SOMETIMES we need to get a little honest with ourselves. Are these items things we need/want/serve a purpose – even with paperwork!

It may get a little messy at first. Can you handle it? We need to accept that we are not perfect and nothing is perfect, allow the imperfection to happen – it is going to get worse. We need to get honest with ourselves and then start building the life and home/office we really want.

A messy, dishonest space leaves no room for abundance and we could all do with a little abundance in our lives.

When it’s your own space it is always difficult and often there are strong emotions involved and attached to items. Don’t give up!

#Tip: Take breaks in between organising, grab something to eat and look for a little organising inspiration…but don’t get sucked into Social Media…it is a black hole ;).

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