Have Clutter? It’s partly not your fault!

It’s school holidays and I can bet that most of us have been spending more time on the kids than on our houses, offices, garages and/or other spaces…and that is not a bad thing! People before things!

However, I am also guessing that if you have the time, you still would not be on a decluttering spree sorting and organising everything in your path – let’s be realistic here! Here is the good news – it’s partly not your fault. You just can’t face it!

Margaret Moore, co-author “Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life”, founder and CEO of Wellcoaches and co-founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital said the following:

When your brain is full of negative emotions, frenzy, distraction and just overwhelmed—you’re multitasking, and you’re running around—what happens is that you get very distended.  Your brain gets worn down because it’s not designed to do all of these tasks. In today’s world, we’ve got more distractions that take over our brain than ever before.  You end up in this state of chaos and frenzy, and that makes it hard to get things done.  Also, you’re really tired—you’re too tired to even take care of yourself.  So we’re kind of wearing out our brains, and that creates the disorganization.  So, if you can have an energetic and organized mind, then everything goes better.

She goes on to say:

If you’re a naturally disorganized person, first, I would build on what you already know works.  Think about the combinations of things that put you in a calm state—say first thing in the morning.  And rather than try to have really good focus for eight hours a day, set a goal for 30 minutes.  Put yourself in the right frame of mind—whether you work out or do deep breathing or look at a picture that makes you feel good.  Whatever you can do to get yourself into a good place.  Set small goals.  So, if you have a day now where every five minutes you change your focus to a different thing, give yourself a half-hour of complete focus.  Turn your phone off, turn your wireless off, close your door and just enjoy getting into one thing.  When you do that, you’re creative, and you get ‘the big picture.’

Alex Lluch, author of Secrets to Love Life and Be Happy says:

“To be truly happy, sometimes you must eliminate unhealthy people and situations from your life,”

“For instance, if you feel stuck in a dead-end job, resolve to make a change. Or if there’s someone in your life who constantly brings you down with a negative attitude, find a way to disentangle yourself. “It may take some courage to eliminate this stuff from your life, but you will feel much more fulfilled once you are able to concentrate on the people and things that do make you happy.”

Lluch advocates clean sweeping your thoughts with a hot bath, a meditation practice, a long walk, a phone call to a friend – whatever works for you. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in a pursuit that allows you to decompress, clear your mind, and rid your thoughts of the mental chitchat that clouds your creativity, passion, and productivity.

There is just too much going on in our lives, we need to find out what is cluttering our minds and see how we can make a change. It may not be easy and it may require a lot of courage but it will spill over into every aspect of your life, just as your clutter is now.

This constant state of being distracted and disorganised even affects our health and weight! Margaret Moore shared the following:

The connection between disorganized minds and unhealthy habits is compelling. The National Institute of Aging concluded from a recent study that symptoms of a disorganized mind, namely impulsivity, chronic negativity, high stress and multitasking, all correlate with higher weight. For example, adults in the top 10% rating for impulsivity (most impulsive) weighed an average of 24 pounds more than those in the bottom 10% rating for impulsivity.

If you want to declutter your house and your life, start with removing all the distractions – physical and emotional. You will be happier and things will automatically start getting more organised. You deserve it! Take some time today to re-evaluate everything in your life. See what changes you can make to be happier and more organised!

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