Are you a Hoarder?

Uh uh uh…not so fast in saying “No”!

Let me put down in writing the different types of hoarders I meet and then you decide if you don’t perhaps fit (even a little bit) into one of these categories.

  1. Rainy Day Hoarder – Rainy Day hoarders hoard useless items with the idea that “it might be useful one day”. These items may include margarine cartons, old newspapers, used envelopes, broken appliances, keys that have no home, dried-out paint tins and more!
  2. Nostalgic Hoarder – Do you hoard all your children’s artwork, every photo you’ve ever taken (yes, even those blurry, out-of-focus ones), every card you’ve received, old school books, bits and bobs from every job you’ve ever had. If yes, you are a nostalgic hoarder.
  3. Anxious Hoarder – Are you a perfectionist? Do you find it difficult to meet your own high standards and then give up. Do you keep bills that are 20 years old? You may be an anxious hoarder!
  4. Frugal Hoarder – Frugal hoarders keep things that they think may be worth something in the future, they don’t waste (spend) money on anything new and turn their homes into cluttered store rooms. Of course, there is nothing wrong with frugality but hoarding & frugality are two different things.
  5. The Collector Hoarder – Do you collect things? Do you love car boot sales and church fétes? Do you find it hard to resist finding new treasures to add your home? You may be the collector hoarder.
  6. Rebel Hoarder – Its your life and you will live it how you want? Are you still rebelling over a childhood experience or is your home a reflection of the chaos in your life? You may be a rebel hoarder.

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