What is Clutter and do you have it?

When I ask the question “Do you have clutter?”, I know many of you may be answering with an “Oh, yeah!” while others may be saying “No, not really, my house is pretty neat!”. The truth is we all have clutter. Some of us just hide it better than others. Remember Monica from friends?

The question is then, what is clutter?

Clutter is:

  • Things you no longer use or love
  • Too much stuff/furniture for the space you live in
  • Disorganised things like unfiled paperwork
  • Broken electrical equipment
  • Clothes that are to sizes two big (or too small) or clothes that make you feel frumpy
  • Junk in the Garage
  • Books you will never read again
  • Useless things like old keys that you keep “just in case”
  • Unwanted presents you feel too guilty to give away
  • Cards and Photos that remind you of unhappy times in your life
  • Unfinished projects
  • Unsorted photos at the bottom of your cupboard

YOU know its clutter because of the way it makes you feel and how you try to avoid it. Living with it can be extremely stressful.

Decluttering is a much more profound experience than just cleaning house and your reward is a home that feels fantastic, organised and relaxing.

Now, if I ask you that same question, do you have clutter? What would your answer be now?


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