What imperfect Gemstones and a Child’s eyes taught me

It was recently School Holidays again and most holidays we try to make at least one trip to the Scratch Patch. We did the same when I was a child and I remember bursting with exciting when we reached the road leading to the gem paradise. I remember how amazed I was with each stone and how pretty they all were to me.

As we age, we tend to start noticing imperfections. “No, not that one”, it’s chipped or has a line down it or a smudge on the side”. My daughter looks at these stones with the same wonder I did as a child and I am taken back to a time when everything was magical and wonderful and had hidden potential.

Taking time out to spend with my family reminds me that this is still true, even now. There are magical moments in each day, hidden potential in things/people that don’t seem to (perhaps) matter and truly wonderful things in this world that we have been blessed with.

I am so grateful for school holidays and the moments I get to share with my family. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in “life” that we forget to actually live.

What did you do in these past holidays? Tell me in the comments below!

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