Organised: Play Room, Craft Room and Office

Keri had a multi-functional room which she had tried to organise and therefore was not a huge mountain of disorganisation but was rather a room that was not that functioning well. I am really proud of Keri for starting on this project even though she was feeling a bit ill and should have perhaps been resting!


Keri’s Vision

Keri’s vision was to have a neat, tidy room with clean surfaces. A room that had a place for everything. Her main zones would be a play/kids zone, an office zone and craft/sewing & storage zone. There was a lot to organise so we also needed sub-zones in each zone.

Below are a few before shots.

(Unpacking the room)


Getting to Work

Unpacking – the reason we never get started. When you unpack everything, you commit to organising everything you unpack and often you may get overwhelmed and just throw everything back. A professional organiser can help and direct you, motivate you and bring an objective viewpoint.

It is important to unpack everything, determine zones and then organise. Have give away, throw away and sell boxes readily available and be honest with yourself about what must stay and what must go.

For children’s areas make sure that books are readily accessible (easy to see and easy to put back) and are not hidden away in boxes. The same idea applies to games. For smaller items like blocks, Lego and tea sets – these can be stored in boxes. They then can be easily packed away again when the kids are done playing.
For each zone, ensure you are clear about its purpose and what it should contain. Don’t put things in the incorrect zone because it looks prettier. Your main goal should always be to have functional spaces first. Functional spaces with clear purposes are easier to maintain – you can Pinterest-ify the spaces once you are organised.

As always, Keri was left with a bit of “homework” to complete, a few more items that needed to be organised. When you complete a space, reward yourself. You deserve it! Especially if you are a busy mom like Keri.

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