Organised: Moving Homes

Gizelle is moving homes and needed to organise a few spaces, declutter and decide what to keep and what to give/throw away. This is always a difficult process but it was even more difficult because Gizelle was away at the time that the organisation needed to take place.

Usually, I work alongside my clients so quick decisions can be made and I could have been ruthless and just said it must all go ( 😉 ) but that is not my style. I want people to be happy and comfortable with the decisions that are made.


Gizelle’s Vision

Quite simply Gizelle needed to organise the Chaos that had resulted from builders moving things around to get things done and prepare the space for those that would be moving in.

Below are some before shots.

gizelle-moving-before2 gizelle-moving-before3


Getting to Work

When starting on a large space, start by grouping similar or related items and throw out items that you know will definitely be in the “to go” pile immediately. Have a black bag ready to clear the dirt and bits & pieces.

If you are moving, you can sort items out immediately into to different boxes. When you are organising a space you live in; you should remove everything, create zones and then pack and organise appropriately.


Get large furniture out the way, this makes it easier to organise the little things.gizelle-moving-after1

It is a good idea to start with an easy area just to get you motivated and moving in the right direction.gizelle-moving-after2

Seal up those boxes that can be sealed immediately and make sure you label things so that you are not hunting for things later.gizelle-moving-after3

Have you moved recently? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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