Organised: Toddler’s Room

When Carole sent me a message telling me about her toddler’s room she included words like “It’s bad”, “maybe you wanna sit before looking!” and “feel free to say no”. I am sure many of you can relate to this – there is always that one space in the house we avoid because, quite simply, we just don’t know where to start. In this case, the room was not being used because of the clutter that seemed to be growing.


Carole’s Vision

Carole wanted a clean, functional, calm and clutter-free space where her son could sleep and play.

Below are some before shots.

carole-toddler-room-before carole-toddler-room-before2

I think it is important to note here that you can see the hidden beginnings of organisation – which is what I see in many homes and yet we continue to fail. Why is that? For each of us there may be a different reason. I think most of the time, we are just too hard on ourselves. We aim for perfection and we always fall short – myself included – but understanding the why can often be half the solution. What is your why?


Getting to Work

There were two cupboards in the room. One which was being used by Grandpa and another for Carole’s son. We swapped the two around (contents) and organised those before we organised the rest. I did not take photos but her son’s closet looked super cute once organised. This took quite a bit of time but was it definitely worth it.


Sometimes, it is hard to clear out items that your children may have outgrown. Keep a few items that mean something to you and give away the rest to someone who needs them more than you. It is a wonderfully freeing feeling – try it!carole-toddler-room-after2At the end, her son climbed into bed and said “du dus”. I think that this means we were successful! Carole is an amazingly positive woman who has been through a lot and I think that having a more organised space for her son will definitely make a difference in her home.

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