Organised: Teen Pad

When Paula sent me a message, she said “It is one of those situations of opening the door, rolling the eyes and saying I don’t have the energy for this and closing the door once again”. I know so many people who feel like this when starting on their organising journey but don’t be discouraged. The freedom and time you will save once you are organised can be life changing!


Paula’s Vision

Paula is a mom of twin teen girls so she wanted to clear a space where they can relax, have friends over and maybe study or read. She wanted the space to be functional.

Below are a few before shots:

paula-teenpad-before paula-teenpad-before2


Getting to Work

Having twins meant that the clutter was doubled – with regards to old toys, etc but Paula was ready to make the change and get things organised.

We got stuck right in and uncovered a wonderful space for the girls and their friends hidden underneath the clutter.


We divided the room into different zones. The first zone was the “couch” and table area where the girls could chill and play games and as such the games were placed above this zone.

Another area we made was near the shelving where we placed their art supplies and chairs so that they could get creative in that corner.


We also had a music zone where they could practise and we kept the bar up where they could practise their dancing.paula-teenpad-after3As always, Paula was left with some homework and she has already completed some of it. It is amazing how different the space looks and I am sure the girls will love spending time here with their friends!

Tell me what you think in the comments below! What are the problem areas in your home?


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