Organised: Studio Apartment

Organising a Studio Apartment can be quite difficult but organising a Studio Apartment with a 2-year-old may seem almost impossible! Getting kids to join in with cleaning and organising is so important, so you need to celebrate their small victories and learn to allow them space to mess a little.


Shaz’s Vision

This past weekend I was able to work with Shaz and her gorgeous 2-year-old, Miss C. Shaz’s vision for her apartment was that everything would work harmoniously together. She also wanted to created a special bedroom zone for her daughter, her own little space.

Below are some “before” shots of the Apartment:



Getting to Work

When you have very little space to work in, instead of removing everything, try to remove everything from a specific zone, organise and then move on to the next. When you find things that belong in the first zone it will be easy to sort and place.

We decided to first work on Miss C’s space. We created a little “bedroom” for her and since it was still early and she was not tired she helped put everything in its place.

shaz-studioapart-afterWith very little space, it is also important to ensure you make the most of the space you have as well as make it functional. Shaz had a few material diy cupboards which we put together to make it a more functional space and removed the material which was making it appear messier than it was.

shaz-studioapart-after1 shaz-studioapart-after2


We also created a zone near the kitchen – a “lounge” area which separated the sleeping zones from the rest of the house.


As always, I leave my clients with a little homework and although we worked a full day in this space I unfortunately had to leave Shaz with a little more homework than I would have liked but I am confident she will continue to reach for the harmonious home that she has in mind. She also has so many ideas now for using her small space. You go Shaz!

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