Organised: Living Area

I only had around an hour with Linda. Linda had the problem that many of us face when moving homes. We box everything up and don’t quite get to unpacking everything again or we don’t have a place for everything or we need to sort and get rid of old items we no longer need.


My first tip: Have one room where you can work from, i.e. one room where you put and pull things from. In this way, clutter is reduced and you have one central point to work from.


Below is a before shot:



Linda’s Vision

Linda wanted her home to be neat and organised but still warm and lived in. She is a very creative person and it is so important to take into consideration your personality and what motivates you when organising your home.

You first need to organise your home into zones, second clean and then, third, reward yourself. How you reward yourself will be different for each person. You may want to create an art piece for the room or buy an accessory or even just take yourself out for dinner, whatever you do – start room by room and make sure you make bedrooms a priority.


Getting to Work

Time was short so I wanted to get Linda motivated on her organising journey by attacking the areas that we could get organised quickly and areas that they spend a lot of time in.


When starting out on your organising journey, choose something simple with the greatest results that will motivate you to get the rest done!linda-homeorganising-after2 linda-homeorganising-after3

Remember – identify zone, remove clutter and may sure you only put back items that serve the purpose of the zone.


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