Organised: Little Boy Bedroom

After Krystyna and I had a brief discussion about what her expectations and vision for her son’s bedroom would be, we got right into organising and forgot to take a proper “before” photo. Sorry! I am just so excited about organising!

We did remember a little way in and you can see what it looked like in the photo below:




Krystyna’s Vision

We discussed what the main purpose of the room is – which is of course, sleep! It is very difficult to sleep in a cluttered room, especially for a young child with fun toys scattered all around.

She wanted it to look more like a “big boy room” (because he is growing up a little), we knew that the sleeping area needed to be clutter free and we wanted the toys to be easily accessible.

After some idea bouncing, we came up with the idea of a little play “nook”.



Getting to Work

Here are some tips for when you are organising your own child’s room:

  1. Remove any toys/books/clothes that your child may have outgrown – you can donate/sell/store these but don’t let them clutter your child’s room.
  2. Get rid of any broken toys or toys with pieces missing – throw out or donate.
  3. The only toys that should be in the bedroom are mostly quiet play toys, books and other toys that your child will actually use in the room. Outside toys should be stored somewhere where they are easily accessible.
  4. Remember, sleep is the first priority of the room, make sure the sleeping area is uncluttered.
  5. If you have “puzzle pieces” – like animals/cars – that fit into a puzzle/shape board, put them into separate bags or containers that are easily accessible. It will make storing the boards easier and you will not lose pieces as easily.



The Result

I only had 2 hours with Krystyna so we had to get going pretty quickly but I think it has made a huge difference! Krystyna said that her son will probably be so excited that he will want to play with everything and throw everything out. I told her that it was not a problem because everything had a place. So, when he was done, he could just dump it back. Rooms are supposed to be functional and easy-to-use!

Here are a few “after” shots of the room. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.




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