Organised: Big Boy Bedroom

I am really enjoying getting to know all the moms in the valley. Each of you have your own unique story and it is wonderful to work with you in getting organised.

Today I worked with Renée to organise her son’s bedroom. You can see the “before” shots below and above (featured image):



Renée’s Vision

Renée has a very neat home but the space she needed organised was her youngest son’s bedroom. Her son has a few daily struggles and having a cluttered room was not the best situation but maintaining his room was proving to be difficult.

Renée wanted his room to be his safe place. A space where he can sleep, play and feel at ease.


Getting to Work

This is a boys room and boys have lots of little Lego and other toys with lots of tiny pieces and Renée’s son was no different. To make things simple we labelled her toy storage area. This means her son can easily take out what he wants and finding its home afterwards is no problem which will hopefully help reduce the clutter that is left behind after play.

Sorting the little pieces took some time but at least I know the difference between Lego and Bionicle now!


The Result


We removed some books from her son’s bookshelf that he had outgrown and organised it according to purpose and use. We also made sure the baskets at the bottom contained only puzzles or games.


Sometimes, removing toys that your child may have outgrown may be a little upsetting for your child – so here is a tip:

Remove and Wait

  1. Remove the toys they no longer play with while they are away.
  2. Put them away in a room cupboard or garage.
  3. If they don’t ask for them within 3 months, move them out to be sold or given away.

If your child is old enough to understand, you can get them involved and let them go with you to give the toys to someone/an organisation in need. This is a great way for them to become more aware of those in need and learn to serve others but if your child is sensitive or too young it is best to rather “Remove and Wait”.


Tell me about your room or your experience in the comments below! I love to hear your own, personal stories!


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