How to get organised: Step 2

If you haven’t already, please go back and read “How to get organised – Step 1” to get started on your organising journey.

So, by now you should have written down what your vision and purpose is for the room and what you need in the space you are organising. You need to be ruthless here. Don’t justify items. Refer back to the vision and purpose of the room and check yourself.


Or…what your vision is and what you want your home to be.


Get it out!

The next step is to remove everything from the room.

  • Get all that clutter out of the room and then organise the furniture in the room into different zones. For example, if you are organising a teen’s room, you may need the following zones: a sleep zone, a homework/study zone and a play/music/chill zone.
  • Then, according to the list you made earlier, decide what will go into each zone.
  • Bring back into the room only what is on your list and place them into the designated zone.
  • Make sure every item has a “home” or a place where it belongs so that after use it can be easily returned and not result in clutter.


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