How to get organised: Step 1

As Oprah said, your home should “rise up to meet you”.

Do you feel like it does that when you arrive home? Or is it the opposite?

Having a disorganised home wastes a lot of time, creates stress and frustration, makes it difficult to spend time with the people you love and may be unhygienic in some cases.

We live in a world where we are encouraged to have more stuff, to be busier than busy and at the same time we live in a world where more and more people are unhappy.

Having a clean, organised home where you can take a rest from the demands of life is essential but with our lives being so busy, when you arrive home you are generally exhausted and the thought of organising your home may just be too much!


Where and how do you start?

If you look at many articles online they will give you lists of things to do and my first reaction is….Ugh! Let me take a break (before I have even started)…and you know what – that is exactly what I am going to ask you to do!

Take a break!

  • Sit in a room. Think what your vision is for that room. Close your eyes if there is too much clutter.
  • Now, think what are the basics that you need in that room. Just the basics.
  • Write them down


That is your goal – to achieve your vision and to only have what you require in that space! How you achieve that depends on you. We all do things differently and are motivated differently. Understanding what motivates you will help you start removing the clutter from your home and life.

Tell me what works for you in the comments below!

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