Planting Seeds

We have all heard the saying “You reap what you sow” but I have been given the opportunity to look at it from a different angle recently when we harvested our first potatoes from our garden.

Gardening is hard and you are not always guaranteed results but here is the clincher:

So, if I was having a pessimistic day, I could have said:

“These won’t grow, so I will not plant them”

BUT I did plant them, I did water them and they grew. Yes, I was surprised and my daughter was delighted. More than that, however, I learnt a good lesson. You can’t sit around hoping things will happen but not making the effort to make them happen.

Yes, many times, you will have disappointments. Many times, you will see nothing grow but there will be those times when you will have success.

The point is, you have to sow. You have to plant the seed, nurture the seed and trust that what needs to grow will grow. Whether it is better family life, kindness, patience, financial freedom, love, business success, better parenting, improving your education – whatever it is – you need to plant a seed or nothing will grow!

Tell what seeds you have planted today in the comments below!

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