Pausing: Taking back your Power

Today, I have been deeply impressed to “pause”. Now, in previous articles, I have spoken about being still, meditating and taking a moment for yourself. These may all seem like the same thing, however, “pausing” is different.

Ok, let me explain it like this. We all know South African taxi drivers, or at least we know their reputation of being terrible drivers and terribly inconsiderate drivers. This morning while driving, a taxi pulled out in front of me (not very considerate but not malicious either). Something I am very used to and at times I may hoot if I think that they are going to cause an accident but I didn’t today.

The last few weeks have been very busy and my mind was wondering today. I watched this all happen in slow motion and then I “paused” and watched to see what his next steps where going to be. To my surprise, lights flashing and a “thank you”.

Because I paused, because I did not react, I gave the taxi driver the opportunity to act in a higher way that his stereotype. (That being said, if you are in a dangerous situation hoot by all means!)

Two seconds later though, I was driving down a narrow stretch of road which then splits into two lanes. A taxi driver was driving behind me (though almost on top of me) and then, almost driving over an island, sped past me (though not safe at all). I “paused” and I didn’t feel anger but rather gratitude for being kept safe when others choose to endanger the lives of those around them by driving recklessly.

I guess what “pausing” is, is being proactive about your actions instead of being reactive.

Let me give you another example. You ask your child to clean up their toys or finish what they are doing because you have to hurry to another appointment only to find your child (and this could be husband, wife, sister, brother) doing something completely different, often contrary. What would be your reaction? Do you find steam coming out your ears? What would happen if you took a moment to “pause”? Would you act (and not react) differently?

I speak about “pausing” not because I am a pro but because the opposite is true. At times I find myself reacting instead of acting. Why? Well, life gets busy and stressful. We have to worry about bills and work and children and family and life and and and…

Trust me, I get it! I am not sure I have learnt the real meaning of balance just yet but I am learning little bit by little bit. For now I am going to focus my attention on pausing more often and here is why:

  1. It gives the other person the opportunity to act differently.
  2. It gives me the chance to act differently.
  3. It gives me the opportunity to learn not to judge quickly.
  4. It brings harmony in my home and in my soul.
  5. I take control of situations, I own them and I am empowered.

What do you think about “pausing”? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to here your feelings about “pausing”.

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