We had a fun Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party in our family recently. Here are a few ideas if you are planning your own. We have also included a free PDF invite template.

Click here to download the free invite template

We gave each child a picture of either Peter Pan or Tinkerbell and put crayons on the tables and the children actually enjoyed this. They coloured in the pictures while they ate their treats. We also wrote their names on a sticker which we stuck to their cups – this avoided “that was my seat” or “where is my cup” and made them feel important :).

peterpan-and-tinkerbell-pagFree-Peter-Pan-andTinkerbell-Invite-Template copy

We also played fun games like “Pass the Pirate Treasure Parcel” which is always a hit! We have allergies in the family, so we made special cupcakes and decorated them with pixie dust (edible glitter).

We did the usual treats for the main table and their individual plates but we also did Fairy Fruit Kebabs and Pirate Bananas which the kids enjoyed. For the Fairy Fruit Kebabs you can use mini kebab sticks, a selection of in-season fruit and sweets (we used marshmallows)



We also created Fairy Butterfly Wands and for the boys we added Captain Hook Moustaches to Sticks which looked absolutely adorable. We also loomed about a million “bracelets” for the party packs (my daughter helped me do all of this and thoroughly enjoyed it!).


For more ideas, connect with me on Pinterest. Even more ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.

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