Craft: Fairy Butterfly Wands

Getting your children involved in preparing for their own birthday party can be lots of fun and teaches them important life skills. You can teach them how to budget for their birthday, help prepare and decorate treats such as cupcakes and help them to create party favours like these adorable Fairy Butterfly Wands which we have recently made for our next party!

What you will need:

  • Butterfly Template (see Butterfly Crown for template)
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Glitter / Decorations
  • Pairs of Scissors
  • Sticks (We used wooden chopsticks which seemed to work well)
  • Tape / Glue
  • Ribbon


  1. Colour in butterflies together and decorate with glitter, etc.
  2. Cut out butterflies.
  3. Secure butterflies and ribbon to the stick.

and you are done!

These favours and perfect for butterfly, fairy or princess parties!


Author: Denise

Denise is our Head Family Treasure Hunter. She is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Web Designer and Business Coach. She loves her family, her faith, her friends, her work and SHOES! Based in Beautiful Cape Town, she loves sharing all the local happenings that are great for families to enjoy. Connect with her on Social Media.

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