A letter to YOU!

Before we got married, my husband and I agreed that (if possible) when we have children, I would be at home with them. Though I work from home now, I am still available when my child needs me. Now, this choice may not be for everyone or even be possible for everyone and what is right for my family may not be right for yours but that is what we decided and thus far we have stuck to it.

It has not been easy, at times. When my daughter was still very young my husband was retrenched. It was a very difficult time for us but through it all we were blessed and learnt that sometimes you just have to let go and trust which is not easy! My husband is not one to sit still and by the following year was employed, which is also a great blessing since the industry in which he is in people were still being retrenched.

Many of the choices we have made as a family are different from those around us. Sometimes, these choices may appear to make life a little harder for us but the benefits we have seen from following our “gut” or our “impressions” have been worth the sacrifice and I know that we have been so blessed.

So, now I wish to talk to YOU! If you are going through a hard time, if you feel like it is not only raining but pouring in your life. If you feel frustrated, tired, alone and demotivated even though you have followed that “little voice in your head” or followed your “gut” and you are wondering now if you made the right decision – let me tell you that YES, you did. Let go for a moment and let things fall into place. Trust! Everything will be okay! I promise. They might break a little before things are fixed but they will be fixed better than you had imagined. You are not alone. You will be okay.

Much Love x