App Talk: Plascon App

This is not a sponsored post, no, I just fell in love with the new app from Plascon and let me tell you why…

Have you ever seen/bought a pillow/piece of furniture that you have just loved and thought…”wow, that colour would be awesome on the walls”…or maybe that colour in just a few shades lighter…

So, off you head to the paint store and you find a colour you sort of like that may go…but when you paint it on the walls it is not quite right?

The new Plascon app (insert shriek of excitement) is brilliant. All you need to do is download the app (it’s free!) and select “Take a Photo”. Once you have taken a photo, you must accept it to say that you are happy and then touch anywhere on the image to be given the corresponding paint colour. If you “tap for more info” it will show you the various colours in that palette.

Yes, Plascon, this is a clever move. It is a free app, that is user-friendly and actually works!

We love it.


The Family Treasures Team

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