Emotional Metabolism? Yes, you heard right! It’s the kind of metabolism we don’t always pay attention to but it may be as important to our health as the food we eat.

So, what is emotional metabolism, why is it important and does it have a scientific basis? The answers may surprise you!

In the video below Emily Rosen, Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, discusses Emotional Metabolism and makes some interesting connections between our emotional and nutritional health.

Our emotional metabolism is the part of us that does it’s best to take in the emotions that work for us, while protecting against the kinds of emotions that bring us down. In other words, feelings of all kinds must be digested, assimilated, and if they don’t serve us – neutralized and excreted…

…So here’s the remedy: start to feel your feelings. Be honest about them. See what’s beneath them. Listen to what they’re asking of you. Let them wash over your body. Stop fighting them.  Stop trying to hide them. Stop pretending that you’re not having those feelings. Be real.

This goes along with my personal goal I shared with you earlier this year about being emotionally honest. Sometimes, it’s hard but in the end it’s actually to harder not to be. Allow yourself to feel and then let go of those feelings that don’t serve you.

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