5 Things to do with the kids this Autumn

Once again, its autumn – some days it feels like summer, other days it’s winter and some! Autumn, however, is the perfect time to have some fun with the kids.

  1. Collect Leaves. Children old enough to handle a crayon can make angel faces. Lay a leaf on paper and rub outward with side of crayon, creating a silhouette and making different halo and hairdo effects. Remove the leaf and draw in a chin, a face, and an outline for the hair. You can also glue down the leaves and make leaf chicks. Get creative and see what you can make!
  2. Bring some sun back into the garden…Make Sunflowers. Cut Styrofoam balls of varying sizes in half. Using glue, cover the rounded side of each half with sunflower seeds. Cut petals from yellow tissue paper and attach them to the flat side of the Styrofoam with glue. Finish by covering the back side with a circle cut from yellow paper. Attach a ribbon and tie to the branch of a tree.
  3. Go on a Treasure Hunt. On your own, plant little jewels and treasures in the garden. Then draw up a map with directions. (For an ancient look, let some tea soak into the map to brown it with age; while the paper is wet, rip it around the edges). You can even hide the map somewhere in the house and let the kids find it while making the bed or putting away toys.
  4. Go for a nice drive to enjoy the colours. Pull over and have a picnic along the way.
  5. Capture one photo per day and give your children a disposable camera to do the same! Create a fall family photo album/scrapbook.

2 thoughts on “5 Things to do with the kids this Autumn

  1. Love the chicks, hehe, super cute!! And having two boys, the treasure hunt will be a huge success!!!

  2. Aren’t they just ;)! You can get really creative with the treasure hunt and its great because you can do it inside or outside.

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