Madelain is the beautiful, sassy, intelligent and creative mind behind Mad About My Life: Life Coaching & Lifestyle Consulting. We asked her a few questions and this is what she had to say!

Are you a momtrepreneur, dadtrepreneur or familytrepreneur? Tell us more about how it all started?


I hadn’t consciously decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I started my first venture. But my venture started out of a deep, deep… really deep frustration and the need for creative expression on my own terms. A few of the many reasons being: wanting to gain more independence, build more confidence, competency and skill development as well as personal growth on many other fronts.

After struggling with post natal depression for quite some time I realised that, not only did I have the baby blues, but I was aching to learn my place in the world and create value for it. Before I even had a family, I never could quite decide what exactly it was I wanted to study or which sort of field I wanted to enter. I was an emotional wreck and decided that I also wanted to develop my emotional resiliency. So I got stuck in!

My first venture was a little start up art venture. It’s safe to say that it started out as a hobby. I used the most obvious talent I had on hand to create a little extra income for myself while studying contemporary art and being a stay at home mum. I thought it would be super fun to contact unusual artists around Cape Town and write articles about their work to publish on my little blog. It was Awesome!

I ended up getting myself invited to Richard Scott’s house for a coffee and to see how he works in his studio, how he produces his work and he even showed me his master plans for growing his art empire. As I was leaving he piled some art catalogues and a set of his latest rage of Coffee and espresso cups into my arms. He then put me in contact with Gavin Rain. (Or did Gavin Rain introduce me to Richard?) Anyway, I did a piece on Gavin and his work, and we’ve been friends ever since. So, that was when the entrepreneur bug bit back in 2010! I’ve had an infestation of these entrepreneurial “bugs” since then.

My next gig was landing a contract in Pinelands with Merry Pack & Print. They wanted me to teach their staff yoga as a company initiative to increase well-being, happiness, health and productivity. I had started yoga in 2009 (in an effort to combat the baby blues) but when I was approached by the owner of Merry Pack to help his staff; I decided to ignore my inadequate negative head-voices and I said yes!

I panicked and decided that I’d better get some practice in before I started, so I started a group of free yoga classes on Llandudno beach to get some teaching practice in. It ended up being quite a regular thing, where I had some very excellent people coming, and before I knew it I had created a little bit of a following.

After my 6 month contract with Merry Pack ended I decided I better get certified as a yoga teacher. I walked right into it and became certified by October 2011. I immediately started up Mad About Yoga and landed my first private yoga client in December. I then opened public classes in Claremont the following January.

In late November 2013 Mad About Yoga became Mad About Movement. I’m a huge self-education nut and when I learn something that’s new and relevant I adapt and build.

Now Yoga, being in the world of personal development and “consciousness”, led to me finally finding my greater purpose…I found life coaching. So midway through 2013, I enrolled myself into coaching school. I’m currently doing my field work and taking in beta coaching clients before I launch more officially.

In a nutshell; as a coach/lifestyle consultant I help clients create self-actualised momentum in resolving life blocks, gaining clarity, purpose, perspective and by breaking through old fears, ways of thinking and behaving that stunts ones desire for personal growth in almost any area of life. I offer support, inquiry, resources, feedback, tools and practices for my clients to set up in both their physical environment as well as on the mental/emotional front. All these solutions come from deep within my clients self-knowing, I’m the catalyst for awakening that!

What has been your greatest success?

My greatest success was believing that I could do it despite all the “naysayers”, telling me that I need to wake up and live in the real world. There were some people who did support me at first until it started getting real. Not because they didn’t  want me to succeed, but because they were scared on my behalf. While some of them were saying that, I was saying “When are you going to wake up?” I was through with living an unfulfilled life. I even managed to ignore the negative voice in my head telling me I should be listening to the naysayers. I knew I was going to be right. It’s a nice feeling to have your own back like that. So I would definitely say that standing up for what I believed in has been my greatest success. It’s a sort of initiation into what it takes to be free of the good opinions of others and trust your gut. I could talk about this topic forever!

And your biggest failure?

Procrastination = missed opportunities…because opportunities are inevitable if you’re putting yourself out there.

What advice would you give to other familytrepreneurs who are just starting out?

  1. Start with the skills and talents that you have and trust that the next step will unfold as opportunities present themselves. Aligning with your values will help you know what path you want to follow.
  2. Hire a coach to shift the internal work to help you build resilience and the work/life balance for the work you have ahead of you, especially as a first timer. Life Coaches are useful if you want to discover clarity around your values, purpose and any blocks you might have. They also help you build momentum and work on the internal world. Career coaches are helpful for entrepreneurial endeavours.
  3. Study your field often and learn what it takes to be at the front of your industry. This one’s quite important. Keep educating yourself, building yourself and one day your team.
  4. Learn how to market your business…or hire someone who does. I’ve decided to invest in my business and hire a consultancy company that coaches me through building my brand, my niche, market researching, website and all the complex things I’m happy to learn about from experts.
  5. Learn how to listen to the needs of your customers. I like this saying by Marie Forleo: “Sell them what they want; give them what they need.”= mind blowing, quality business & service. Figure out what you’d love to be doing, find the people who would love to utilise your service/product and get to know them so you can build more value for them.
  6. Develop your leadership, relationship and communication skills; not your management skills – there’s a difference. The one has the power of influence, the other is less concerned with company culture and values and will cost you the best high performance talent out there that would love working with/for you. Start on your brand and culture right now.
  7. Embrace the conscious economy…People want to see real, relatable, authentic people not pretence. Learn to get in touch with your vulnerabilities and learn to leverage that in your business relationships. People relate to the experience you leave them with…(this is what I help my clients do, even if they don’t work for themselves…it works in all areas of life.)
  8. Oh yeah… for all you mom’s out there – The best gift you can give your kids is to show them how to lean into life and how to create a vocation that’s meaningful to you and they see this. Lead by example, you have lots to contribute. Teach them that they do too and that following dreams is possible. Being so torn and divided, that’s what you teach them. Mixed messages suck.
  9. Celebrate your wins, big and small. Sometimes it will seem that you’re getting nowhere slowly but building a business takes time, it doesn’t have to but consistency and an eye for recognising your progress is pivotal.
  10. Break up with the people who don’t want to see you succeed or if you think it might work, see how you can get them on board if they want to take part in your success. Having a support system is also a must.

What is your favourite quote?

“We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” ― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead

Anything else you wish share?

“Until the end of March, I’m running a 12 session coaching deal at the lowest rate it will ever be (before my official launch later this year). It’s a super-ridiculous rate and a real “steal of a deal” that one can grab this many sessions for such a great price. The point is to take on a few “guinea pig” clients for niche honing. I guess you could say I’m testing out my ideas.”

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