Getting to know – Alison from M.O.M. Diary

This is our very first “Getting to know you” featured article and we are excited to share a little bit more about Alison Deary from M.O.M. Diary.

Are you a momtrepreneur, dadtrepreneur or familytrepreneur? Tell us more about how it all started?


In 2010 I was working for a company that went through a liquidation. It was a very stressful time and while I tried everything to help save the company, it just didn’t happen. I went from having a great salary to leaving there, having not received a salary for 3 months.

At the time, all 4 of my sons were still living at home and dependent on us. We had to sell our house and my car was repossessed. School fees and other bills were piling up rapidly. At that point, I could have gone and looked for another job, but I was a bit disillusioned and decided to rather start my own business.

I had always dreamed about having a retail product that was useful and that people could order over and over.

I am an organised person by nature and have been very involved with my kids schools and extra mural activities, while still working. Over the years I developed a system that worked well for me. I used to buy a regular diary and adapt it by drawing lines in it. I decided that if I could design a diary that worked for me, then it would surely work for other moms too.

It has been a huge learning curve for me and I bumped my head a couple of times along the way, but I am still here 4 years later, about to start working on my 5th edition of the diary. I have added a W.O.W (Wonderfully Organised Women) Diary along the way and this year I very excited to say I am bringing out a few new products to add to the range.

What has been your greatest success?

Seeing the reaction of people who buy the diary and how much it helps them with their daily planning.

And your biggest failure?

In my view, if you do something and it does not work that does not mean failure, it means you have learnt something.

What advice would you give to other familytrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Plan your day so that you have specific time to work, rather spend smaller chunks of dedicated time to working than trying to work all day in between taking care of the family.

Get your systems in place right from the beginning, it will save you hours in the long run.

If there is something you are not good at doing – outsource it.

There are so many businesses out there who can assist you in one way or another. Make use of the knowledge that other people have gained, it could save you a lot in the long run.

What is your favourite quote?

My diary has over 300 quotes in it, I like them all

Visit the M.O.M. Diary website – www.momdiary.co.za – to find out more about Alison and her gorgeous diaries!

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