If you are someone that tends to be late often, I may have discovered the reason why in an article that I read recently which sparked my interest for two reasons, the first reason being that one of my goals for this year was to be more than on time, I want to be early. The second reason was because it reminded me of an article I wrote previously on ‘Decluttering‘.

The article is in this month’s Essentials magazine. In it, Life Coach Kate Emmerson speaks about Emotional Clutter.

She says:

“Tardiness, disrespect and making unfulfilled promises are a result of a cluttered mind, and it’s the type of clutter that plays on our negative emotions like anger, resentment and guilt. Often emotional clutter can be a result of how people – our friends, family and others – treat us. If your friends are constantly unloading their emotional issues onto you, this adds to how much emotional clutter, or baggage, you carry around. Feeling obliged to put up with a demanding friend can just make you feel even more overwhelmed. Learn how to say ‘no’.”

Now you may not have a demanding friend, it may be emotional concerns or your life is too busy or you may even have unresolved issues that you need to deal with. The point is you have clutter and it is a time for a-cleanin’.

One way which I find really cleans and organises your thoughts, feelings and ideas is journal writing. Writing in a journal can be very therapeutic and somehow pushing your thoughts from your brain, through your arm and onto paper seems to clarify and clean up the clutter.

Kate also says:

“Being organised would mean you’d be on time, deliver on promises and be present in every moment.”

What do you do to clean up the clutter and be more present? Share your ideas below!

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