Modern Romantic Inspiration

Modern Romantic is definitely on trend at the moment and I really like this unusual combination.

Romantic is a comfortable style that appeals to the senses through soft fabrics, floral patterns, lace, painted furniture, a pastel colour palette, light filtered through sheer curtains and aromatic flower arrangements.

Whereas, Modern style is a clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style from the 1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design. It’s characterized by polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. Expansive, unadorned windows marry the interior with the exterior landscape.

While I may not necessarily like these styles on their own, when you marry them beautiful things happen!


The Romantic style can be used in modern bedrooms by using silk bedding, pillows, warm color accents and elegant accessories whichย will add the romantic element to your modern design. Modern Romantic can also refer to a Romantic design in a more “modern” style.

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What is your favourite design style?

2 thoughts on “Modern Romantic Inspiration

  1. I quite like the mint bed one!! Not the anchor rug though, but the colors together are gorgeous…

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