7 Christmas Gifts that don’t cost a thing!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of spending money, we celebrated Christmas in the spirit it is meant to be celebrated? Yes, gifts are wonderful, I am the first one to admit it (she says after receiving some gifts from her brother which she can’t wait to open!) but maybe we can change our focus just a little?

Here are 7 Christmas Gifts that don’t cost a thing but are worth a lot:

  1. Give your time. Create a small booklet of IOUs for services that will make your loved one’s life a little easier, such as babysitting, pet care, housecleaning, gardening, technical troubleshooting or any other special skills you have to offer.
  2. Be a teacher. Offer to teach a class about something you know well to friends or family members. Do you speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument? Maybe you’re a great cook or very crafty. You can also offer technical skills, such as how to use the internet for older family members.
  3. Offer your companionship. Does your Aunt Patty love playing canasta? Or maybe your little cousin is always looking for a playmate. Find activities that your friends and loved ones enjoy and set aside time to spend doing whatever they want to do.
  4. Record a Movie. Set up the laptop, script out what you want to say, and let the magic happen. Even if you’re artistically challenged, the sentiment will come across and the actual viewing is guaranteed to generate some laughs.
  5. Get to Work. Clean up their garden, help them move, or fix a leaky faucet. In five years she may not remember who gave her the gift card to Amazon.com but she will remember the hours you spent helping her haul boxes of books into her new pad.
  6. Pen a poem or short story. If you like to write, this is the perfect time to share your talent and your feelings with the important people in your life. Take the time to write down what you like about the recipient or a special memory you have of him or her, then write it out by hand on a crisp piece of paper. The recipient will love the extra-personal touch and your gift will be cherished for years to come.
  7. Smile, Laugh, Love. It doesn’t cost anything and the rewards are wonderful. Smile at people you don’t know, laugh with people you do and love everyone around you – hug them, compliment them sincerely and say thank you.

Do you have a gift idea? Share it with us below!

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