Homemade Christmas Gifts #7 – Lego Cufflinks

Too many Lego pieces lying around? Put them to good use and make these Lego cufflinks for the guys this Christmas.

Lego Cufflinks

What you will need

  • Plain Cufflinks or Cufflink backings (try looking at craft stores or your dad’s cupboard, the backings will look better)
  • Superglue (Try Bostik’s glue for Plastics with Primer)
  • Lego pieces


  1. Prepare Cufflinks by cleaning and coating with Primer.
  2. Cover bottom of Lego with Primer as well.
  3. Put glue on one side only and hold down for at least twenty seconds (be careful not to glue your fingers together!).
  4. Leave to dry.

And there you have it, a fantastically fun gift for a guy that works in a fun office environment.