Slow down a little! Enjoy eating.

So, I have been having this feeling that I need to…EAT A MILLION CHOCOLATES AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS BAD FOR ME…and then it goes away.

The problem is that since I am on this health kick, there is nothing to binge on in the house and by binge I mean “a period of excessive or uncontrolled indulgence in food” (that is bad for me) – think Cookie Monster!

I don’t think binging is bad, per se, as long as it is done in moderation which is a bit of an oxymoron. I am sure our ancient ancestors binged as we do but in a different way. When they binged, I am sure that it was on something their body was seriously lacking and needed. When the need was gone, they stopped. When I am out and about, I land up at the shops looking at the chocolate thinking should I or shouldn’t I. For the most part, the answer has been…nah!

I am actually going to stop using the word “binge” for now. When I think of the word “binge” – eating disorders like Bulimia nervosa come to mind and that is no laughing matter. When I say binge, I mean more like eating a whole slab of chocolate by myself.

So the question is what triggers my or your need to lash out at the slab of Chocolate. Here are a few reasons that I can think of (that either I or my close friends have experienced):

  1. Change in diet (or a habit of bad eating)
  2. Emotional Stress
  3. Addiction to Sugar
  4. Hormones!

What is your reason? Tell us in the comments below!

Taking that into consideration, my mind is taken to our not so ancient ancestors. When times were a little more simple. If you felt like a treat, you would have to make it. You would spend time with your family preparing and enjoying the treat. This would remedy two things: you would feel better emotionally and you would probably eat less. Also, since you were making it from scratch it would probably be a little healthier too!

Our world that we live in now is so fast-paced. We consume a lot of unhealthy items and because there is such a demand these items are created and processed in unhealthy ways. Food for thought!

Final Thought: If you are going to eat a chocolate, take time to enjoy it. Slow down a little and if you don’t have time to slow down, make time! Happiness is not found in things or busyness, it is found in the quiet and in the things that do not have a price tag ♥

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