Pregnancy is not an Illness

Last week, I innocently went to the store to purchase some groceries when I saw it! It was a white bumper sticker with black writing which stated “Pregnancy is not an illness” sitting on the back of a…WOMAN’S car!

Women, we are so cruel to each other sometimes. I can only think one of two things, like others (that said these very words to me), she has not had a difficult pregnancy or she has not had any children at all but then I could be judging her unfairly.

The truth is that, yes pregnancy is not an illness. In fact, at the end, you meet the most wonderful little person and it literally blows your mind. But, for some of us, if we were not pregnant our doctors would be in a spin over all the terrible symptoms we were experiencing. Pregnancy, is not a sickness but you can be so sick that you can be hospitalised, unable to function properly and for a few life-threatening.

Luckily, for the most part this is not the case but would it be so difficult to a be little kinder, a little more understanding of what others have experienced. No two pregnancies are the same, even for the same mother.

I don’t think the lady with the white bumper sticker realises what she is really stating with it, some would argue it is a fact. I would argue, why state it at all.

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