Homemade Christmas Gifts #3 – Starfish Wall Hanging

I saw this idea on our holiday in Hermanus and luckily we live by the coast and have access to shells and starfish but if you don’t you could get creative and find another theme. I just thought the starfish idea was super cute and would make a lovely gift.

Starfish Wall Hanging

What you will need

  • String/Rope (I tried to find a nice rope or thicker string at craft & stationery shops with no luck. Guess where I found something suitable? – The R5 shop – No complaints here!)
  • Starfish/Shells/Driftwood (or whatever else you can find or think of)


  1. Wrap starfish individually and tie at the back with rope/string.
  2. Cut a long main rope (I decided to cut three and plait them but the one I saw was a single thicker rope which looked good too).
  3. Secure each starfish to main wall rope/string, with equal spacing.
  4. Create a loop at the top.
  5. Wrap in tissue paper to protect the delicate starfish. I would suggest popping this into a box to protect it further, add a bit of ribbon and you are done!

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