A Healthy Home

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating healthy foods and exercise, it is important that the environment in which you live is healthy, both physically and emotionally. Here are some ideas on how to maintain a healthy home environment:


  1. Kick your shoes off when you get home, by doing this you will eliminate extra sand, grass and mud entering the house.
  2. Get rid of the dust! Give your house a good clean every two weeks. Don’t forget the walls, the curtains, the windows and above picture frames.
  3. Decluttera cluttered house is going to cause stress even if you don’t realise that it is. Try to have a place for everything so that at the end of each day you can quickly tidy up without going to bed with dishes in the sink, books & papers on the floor and toys in every corner. A tidy house = better sleep.
  4. Brave the Bathroom. There is a lot of bad bacteria lurking in the bathrooms. Make sure, if you are mopping the kitchen & bathroom, that you mop the kitchen first to avoid transferring and hidden germs from the bathroom floor to the kitchen. If you have a shower, scrub the curtain and shower head once a week to get rid of moisture, dirt and soap build-up.
  5. Eliminate Mould and Moisture Mould is a big problem and can cause health concerns and make your allergy symptoms even worse. Check your home for leaks and condensation and try to keep the rooms as dry as possible.
  6. Go Natural? Make the switch to natural cleaning products, it is safer (if kids happen to get into the cleaning cupboard) and the fresh smell is less likely to give you that synthetic headache.
  7. Add some Green. Having plants in the house not only looks great but they can also act as an air filter. Add a few easy-care plants to your home, places such as your kitchen and living room areas are ideal. Make sure they are in areas with sunlight and warmth (and where you will water them regularly).

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