Winter Birthday Party ideas for kids

Here are a few ideas for moms that have Winter-born kids.

  1. Slumber Party. Inexpensive, fun and the kids love it. Just keep the guest list low (for your own sanity!).
  2. Ice Skating Party. Make the most of Winter and invite party goers to a local ice skating rink.
  3. Go Swimming? At a indoor, heated pool – of course!
  4. DIY Party at Home (or at a local venue). Have a themed party at home with entertainment (a clown, a magician or even dress your Sister up as Barbie – whatever works and will keep the kids entertained). Ask a good friend to help you organise games or crafts. You can also rent an inexpensive spot to host the party. Many preschools, churches, or community centres allow birthday parties for a nominal fee.
  5. Visit the Aquarium – ‘An all-weather, educational and fun choice that requires no Plan B!’
  6. Go to the Movies. This is a nice idea for older kids.
  7. Do some Artjamming! – Kids (and adults) are given a blank canvas and the painting tools to freely express their creativity in a stress-free environment. Fill the canvas with a kaleidoscope of colours!

Do you have a suggestion? Comment below!

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