Learning about Colours with your Toddler

Here are some ideas for learning about colours with your toddler:

  1. Go on a Colour Toy Hunt!  Start with crayons of each colour and have your child find toys that are the colour of each crayon.
  2. Sweetie Sorting!  Give your child a bag of Sweets and a muffin pan or ice tray and have them fill up each of the holes with one colour.
  3. Race for a ribbon. This colour activity combines learning with exercise, so try it the next time the weather’s got you stuck indoors. Tie different coloured ribbons to the tops of three long-handled wooden spoons, then put the spoons in a small bucket at least 2 metres away from your child. Call out the colour of one of the ribbons and tell them to make a dash for the spoons – give them a victory hug for their effort.
  4. Make Rainbow Cupcakes!  Make a batch of cupcakes and let your child ice each cupcake in a different colour of the rainbow.
  5. Water Colour Fun!  Use your food colouring and create jars full of different coloured water.  Put them in rainbow colour order.


Author: Denise

Denise is our Head Family Treasure Hunter. She is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Web Designer and Business Coach. She loves her family, her faith, her friends, her work and SHOES! Based in Beautiful Cape Town, she loves sharing all the local happenings that are great for families to enjoy. Connect with her on Social Media.

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