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Overflowing parking lots to healthy eating

Today they are having a Father’s day celebration at my daughter’s school and it really touched my heart to see the parking lot overflowing with ‘dad cars’. These fathers are not only present at the school but also present in their children’s lives. It made me giggle to see all the different fathers. Dads really do come in all shapes, sizes, ages and styles but they are all real dads because they love their children. That is the only requirement, when you love your child, you will learn how to do everything else.

I have learnt a lot this week about things I know already. These lessons, however, are more powerful (at least for me) when they are not only understood but also felt.

  • I understood that it is better to say NO to some things so that you have the time and are able to say YES to more important things. These ‘things’ will be different for each one of us. I put that into action this week and have felt the benefits of it.
  • I understood that eating healthily gives you more energy and the ability to do and be more. For the most part, I do eat relatively healthily. Last Week, I had a healthier diet than this week (and by diet I mean food intake). This week I blew it! I have felt the effects of this and will try to better (at least until I start to forget and am reminded by my body).

Put into action the things that you understand in your mind and you will feel the results of those actions. They make sense in your mind but sometimes they are hard to put into action like waking up 30 minutes earlier, saying no to that extra slice of chocolate cake, going for a walk when you are tired, being kind when others are not, etc.

Sometimes, you will feel inspired to take actions that don’t make sense in your mind. In fact, they may seem like you would be foolish to take them but do them anyway (if you really feel strongly about it). The results may surprise you. I may share some experiences with you that I have had but in another article but for now, tell me what you know and understand?!

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