Eliminating unimportant Decisions

On Friday we shared a quote on Facebook which said “Being organised leaves more room for spontaneity” by Kimberley Pappas.

I have also share several articles on being organised:

So, why the focus on being organised? Can it really leave room for spontaneity? That sounds odd! I mean, we would all like to be organised but our lives are really busy and we need some time out or play time. That is exactly it! Our lives ARE really busy and we are wasting time daily on making decisions that really are not that important.

For example, you get home after a long Thursday at work or carting the kids around and there comes the dreaded question – “What’s for Supper?”. Think about all the stress and wasted energy on figuring out what you have in the house, what you are going to make or (if you are just too tired) are you going to eat out instead?

Contrast this with someone who has a monthly meal plan laid out at the beginning of the month, does a weekly shop at the beginning of the week and comes home knowing exactly what is going to be for supper and that he/she has everything they need at home to make it. They can prepare dinner and spend some time relaxing or playing with the kids. They don’t need to stress about what their kids are eating because the monthly plan has a little bit of everything in and they don’t need to make decisions when they are tired (they have already made them).

Being organised leads to a happier life. You can be more spontaneous because you are less stressed. What I have come to realise this week is that we waste so much time of insignificant decisions like “What’s for Supper?”, “What am I going to wear?” or “How are we going to get this done in time?” that we become constantly stressed as we never have time to just be and this partly because we are not organised – why? – because we simply do not have time to be organised!

I would encourage you to take some time in the coming week to get organised (even if it means sacrificing a little sleep, being organised will help you get more sleep!). Figure out what decisions are causing stress in your day to day life and discover ways in which you can eliminate making those decisions or make them easier. It will make a huge difference – I promise!

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