Closet Smart

Are you guilty of this? Buying things simply because they are on sale, buying things because the price is really, really low or buying things because they are “in fashion” even though they do not suit you or your body type?

The plan is: Be Frugal but do not buy clothes based on Price Tag.

That doesn’t seem to make sense BUT buying something because you think it is a “good deal” may not be as good an idea as you think because you may not be able to get that much use out of it and therefore the money spent is wasted money and no longer a “good deal”.

Be Closet Smart with the Rule of Three:

When you are thinking of buying something new, ask yourself:

– Can I wear it with at least 3 things I already own?
– Can I wear it for 3 different occasions?

Free up some space in your closet so you can actually see those clothes you love. When you do this you will know what you have, be able to answer the questions above and spend less!

To free up some space, ask yourself these questions:

  1. When did I last wear this?
  2. Does it really fit?
  3. Is it stained, torn, faded or damaged in any way?
  4. Am I too old to wear this?

Be honest with yourself. This is about you, finding a way to be Closet Smart and always look your best.

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