15 ways to stay warm this Winter

Well, with the arrival of all the rain/hail/sleet/snow in Cape Town, I thought it apt that I should share some practical tips and ideas on how to stay warm this winter.

  1. Dress Warmly. Warm clothing, especially when layered, not only prevents exposure to the cold, it also helps retain body heat. Wear tights under pants, vests under shirts, etc. Layer, layer, layer.
  2. Cuddle up under blankets. Keep blankets on your couch so that you can wrap yourself up while reading or watching TV and get extra blankets to sleep with. Nothing better than a winter cuddle!
  3. Use a hot water bottle. Water retains heat for a long time, making hot water bottles an affordable and effective way to stay warm.
  4. Eat some home-made food and have something warm to drink. Delicious winter soups and hot chocolate are part of the fun of winter.
  5. Have a warm bath. They’re a nice way to relax your muscles, especially after a stressful day, and can warm you up in no time.
  6. Eat healthy fats! Foods that are high in healthy fats, like nuts, help the body regulate its temperature, which is why people whose diets are deficient in fat often say they are feeling cold.
  7. Light a candle. A candle/candles can produce a lot of heat, just be careful where you place them and do not leave them unattended.
  8. Exercise. 30 minutes of vigorous exercise can warm you up and keep you warm well after the exercise session. Plus, a healthy body is generally more tolerant of the cold.
  9. Close all of your windows (properly). Open them during the day only if the outside temperature is higher than the inside temperature.
  10. Put up curtains. A set of heavy curtains can block drafts of air. Open them when the sun is shining and close them when it’s not.
  11. Seal your doors. Check around the door frame and also under the door. Seal them properly or if you can’t do it right away, stick a rolled-up towel there in the meantime.
  12. Close off any unused rooms. The closed door makes that room another barrier between you and the freezing outdoors. It also stops air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss.
  13. Put down a rug or carpet. Rugs and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. They are generally warmer to the touch than wood or stone and therefore offer a warmer surface to walk on.
  14. Add insulation in the attic and the crawl space. A lot of heat escapes through the attic, as warm air rises and cold air sinks. Make sure that your attic has enough insulation.
  15. Cook or bake. Bake biscuits or a pie. Your oven will help to dry the air and heat the kitchen. The kitchen will be warm while you are cooking and then you can have a great home-cooked meal too!

Happy Winter x

2 thoughts on “15 ways to stay warm this Winter

  1. I only have one problem with a blanket in front of the TV. It is so cozy and comfortable that I can’t get up from that.

    We recently bought some of those teddy bear bean bags that you can heat in the microwave, but it was a waste of money. Warm water bottles are much better. The bean bags don’t stay warm for long and it stinks. The smell is so bad that it makes me gag, and my 5 year old cries when I bring it close to her.

  2. So True, once you are warm, you don’t want to move!

    Thank you for the heads up, I was wondering how well those teddy bags work. Will stick to the good, old-fashioned hot water bottle instead!

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