Natural Comfort for Chickenpox

If you would like to find out more about Chicken Pox, you can read the facts here: https://familytreasures.co.za/2010/09/chickenpox-birthdays. This article, however, is on natural comfort for those suffering from Chicken Pox.


  1. Bathing in a bath with added ground oats or Bicarbonate of Soda (also known as Baking Soda) helps with the itchiness that comes with all the little spots and blisters that appear.
  2. Give kids a small paintbrush and Calamine lotion. They can paint their spots for relief (and a little bit of fun).
  3. Keep your/your child’s body cool for at least the first 48 to 72 hours. The cooler you can keep your child’s skin, the less discomfort he/she will have.
  4. Children with Chickenpox should get a daily shower and shampoo to keep the sores clean and help prevent infection,
  5. Trim your child’s fingernails as soon as Chickenpox strikes and keep them trimmed short. Scratching with sharp nails can lead to a bacterial infection in the sores, and that can lead to permanent scarring.
  6. I have not tried this one, let me know if it works for you! I do know that honey has some wonderful natural qualities that will assist in healing and prevention of infection – Spread honey on the body of an individual infected with Chickenpox. Honey is believed to help with the itching and is said to cure the chickenpox within about three days.

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