Denise’s New Favourite Things

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1. Woolworths Earth Friendly 2 in 1 laundry pods (Lavender with Vanilla)

These pods are amazing. They appear to be powder in little packets but there is no need to remove the film. The film dissolves easily in cold or warm water. They can be used in top loaders or front loaders and all you do is pop them into drum or powder dispenser. There is also no need to add any fabric softener.

These little magic pods are earth-friendly and clean clothes better than some of the best detergents. In fact they removed stains that even the little pink tub did not remove! Amazing ♥


2. Nestle Rolo Slab

Because in all its oozing caramel and chocolate indulgence, it just doesn’t make sense. It has a flat awkward base with random cups of caramel but when it tastes this good – who cares?


3. Woolworths Instant Chicken Noodle Flavoured Soup

Well, when the kids are sick and mom is sick (and tired) sometimes all you need is something warm to keep you going. Not the healthiest snack, perhaps, but there is no added MSG & no HPV (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein) in this little favourite.

They are really affordable and I add some Woolworths Instant Noodles to make it more of a meal. It doesn’t carry the ‘fakeness’ of some other Brands. I also like buying the single serving pack (about R3) which is great to throw in your bag or hubby’s lunchbox for a quick snack on a cold day.


4. The Snood

The snood –  a cross between a scarf and a hood that can be worn over the head. There are no ‘ends’ and therefore your ‘scarf’ looks neat (and you are warm) every time!



5. Ruffle Bow Knee High Socks & Prévoir Bird Cage Gift Set

Last but not least, a cheeky combination. Indulge in chic comfort with this pair of bow-embellished knee-high socks but before you slip your feet in, open your Prévoir’s luxury gift set (which includes room spray, body wash and foam bath scented with wild iris and powdery mimosa). Perfect for Mother’s Day, it is packaged in a gorgeous vintage-style bird cage.


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Author: Denise

Denise is our Head Family Treasure Hunter. She is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Web Designer and Business Coach. She loves her family, her faith, her friends, her work and SHOES! Based in Beautiful Cape Town, she loves sharing all the local happenings that are great for families to enjoy. Connect with her on Social Media.

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