A Tiny Bedroom

Do you have a Tiny Bedroom in your house? One of those bedrooms that are difficult to decorate and make functional because of the limited space?

Here are a few ideas on how to optimise your space:

  1. Remove clutter. The more items you have in your bedroom the more cluttered it will feel.
  2. Get creative with Storage. To help keep your bedroom clutter free, use furniture that serves more than one function. Use your imagination when it comes to storage. If you have room for a bench at the foot of your bed, select one with a flip open seat that can hold toys, books or linen.
  3. Make the most of your Wall/Floor space. Opt for linear furniture as opposed to curved. Wall hung night stands/lamps are also a great option as they do not take up any floor space. Go Up!
  4. Create multifunctional areas. A misconception about having a tiny bedroom is that you can only sleep there. Put a small chair and a lamp in your bedroom and you instantly have a reading nook. When you have multifunctional areas in your tiny bedroom you will want to spend more time in that space.

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