Kids ‘road trip’ Snacks

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be planning a drive down to the coast or up to see the family. Whatever your plans are, here are some great ‘road trip’ snack ideas for the kids.

Snack Necklaces

Get creative with the string and thread a selection of snacks suitable for threading such as pretzels, cheerios or fruit loops and dried apple, to make an edible necklace.

Snack Kebabs

Snack kebabs are fun and can be healthy too. You can make fruit kebabs, veggie kebabs or mix in some marshmallows or jelly sweets.

‘On the Trail’ Mix

Whip up your own homemade trail mix. Combine nuts (if your kids are not allergic to nuts, of course), dried fruit pieces and chocolate chips. If you feel a bit inspired, you can also add yogurt-covered raisins, dried banana slices and/or granola.


Depending on the age of your children, sometimes a little meat is a great snack. An added bonus is that Biltong has a lot of protein so your kids will feel fuller for longer (it lowers the GI).

Snack Packs

Make your own snack packs using zip lock bags. Let the kids decorate their own bags with stickers before you fill them with fruit, mini muffins, popcorn, chips, carrot & celery sticks or rice crackers. Don’t forget a bottle of water each!

Other great ideas

  • Freeze bags of yoghurt for a fun, cool snack.
  • Popcorn is affordable and always a great hit!

Safe Travels!

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