Family Evening (once a week)

With our lives getting busier and busier, it is so essential that we schedule family time once a week. A planned time, once a week, where the entire family gets together – mom, dad, brothers and sisters – and discusses their feelings and ideas, eats good food and enjoys a fun activity.

Relationshipsfoundation.org says:

With today’s busy lifestyles, many parents and grandparents want to spend more “quality” time with their children or grandchildren. But what is quality time? “Quality time” is time spent doing an activity that is meaningful to the parent and child. It is time when family members really get to know each other. Quality time is spent focusing attention on the other person and sharing thoughts and feelings.

Spending time with our children can be fun and educational for us and for them. Much of the child’s basic learning takes place in the many informal situations that occur daily in the life of the family. These informal occasions for learning include all the times the family members are together doing ordinary things, such as getting dressed, talking over the day’s happenings, dealing with problems, interacting with people outside the family, taking baths, eating, and so forth.

The activity does need not be costly, but rather one that satisfies both the parent and the child.

The time spent does not need to cost a cent, rather, this is a quieter time where the family can bond and be refreshed. It is a good idea to have this time together schedule for the beginning of each week. You can also discuss family activities for the week and what went well (or not so well) the previous week. However, make sure this is only a small part of it. Remember, this is a fun, bonding time for the family. This is a time when the entire family is home and for a few moments can try to forget about outside stresses.

Family outings are also important and great for developing strong bonds and character. However, family evenings should be a time when we slow down a little to reflect and have some good, old-fashioned, TV un-related fun!

Sheknows.co.uk says:

Board games sometimes seem like a thing of the past with all of our computer dominated pastimes, but they are a great way to get together and have some fun as a family. As well as playing the game, you can all chat about your day, any problems you have and simply enjoy each others company. Board games have other benefits for children as they can keep them alert, increase brain power and improve their logical thinking.

If you are religious, this is also a great time to discuss a small part of those things that you hold dear, read from your sacred books and listen to uplifting music.

Family is so important. It is no coincidence that we are born into families. It is the place we grow the most and the place we love the most. Before we know it babies are toddlers, toddlers are teenagers and our teenagers are adults with their own children. A little time invested now will yield the greatest reward, more valuable than all the riches in the world.

Calorababy.co.za says:

Why is family time so important?

Time is precious and waits for no man! Children grow up so quickly and the time that we have to spend with them is limited. When kids see that parents are making a commitment to each other and to them, they feel a lot more secure and far more confident, and they understand exactly how and where they fit into the family structure. Quality time spent together will help parents to share their values with their children, discover who they are and if they are facing any challenges. As the child grows into a teenager, the time that has been invested will be rewarded with an adolescent who feels comfortable enough to share their problems and discuss any important or worrying issues with their parents.

Family time is so much more than just spending a few hours together each week, family time is all about building solid foundations and creating everlasting memories. No matter if you spend time together camping in the great outdoors, playing a game of monopoly or just sitting together and watching the sunset – the time that is spent together as a family will strengthen the bonds and will become an investment that yields valuable and precious returns.

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